New Released V3.2.2

GreenCheap packages have been refreshed and are now faster. You can read our article to get information about Renewed Services.

GreenCheap CMS v3.2 updates released. We have decided to buy Composer and Node packages and we are making this decision for you with v3.2. We strive to use the latest technologies as possible.


You can see the contents renewed with v3.2 from the changelog output below.


  • Composer dependencies updated
  • JS dependencies updated


  • The trash can icon in the theme selection area has been fixed.
  • Mobile application menu has been edited
  • Managers were exempted from time constraints for Comments Service
  • A few adjustments have been made to the dashboard widgets

Multi Finder

We developed a service that we needed for a long time (Available only in the Blog plugin). We came to a positive conclusion in the beta test, with the Multi Finder service, Unsplash, Cloudinary etc. You can extract content (image, video) from the services.

Demo Requests

Using Docker technology, we aim to open a demo site for people. Many requests have been made on this issue for a long time and as of today we have decided to add the demo service to the Atomy service and we started this development.

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