Application, Functions as greencheap's dependency container. Application, Greencheap's functionality and services can be configured throughout the modules page, expandable, makes it interchangeable and accessible.

All services available at GreenCheap, In the application instance, dependency is set as injected properties. For example $app['db'] allows you to access the database service.

Access to a service

There are basically two ways to access the application instance. Depending on the context you are currently in, you can access a $app variable or a GreenCheap\Application class via a static call.

// Getter

use GreenCheap\Application as App;

As you can see, implements a magic __call method as well as \ArrayAccess to access container services.

Service Identification

Adding a service to the application, it can be easily accomplished by setting an array switch on the container to be a shutdown. This is not evaluated until it is accessed for the first time.

$app['cache'] = function () {
    return new Cache();

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