Google Analytics

This is a Google Analytics Report plugin that works with the api. The package allows you to view the most preferred Analytics reports in the administration panel. After installing this plugin from The Sunday place, there are a few actions that you need to do.

How Analytics Is Authorized

Email service provided to you by GreenCheap so that the plugin can pull data from your property, must add with Reading permission on your property.

Google Analytics Management Panel click on this link and go to the Admin tab at the bottom left of the drop-down page.

On the drop-down page, switch from The View tab in the far-right area to The View User Management tab.

Click the blue button in the upper-right corner so that you can add a new user in the pop-up window. A new page will open and look like the picture below.

E-mail section add the 'email address' and enable the permissions zone read and analyze tick. This account will allow you to show your data in the administration panel by creating an intermediate hyperlink with the plugin decipher.

One last operation is left for the API to work on the management panel. On the Admin tab, go to The View Settings tab from the far right and copy the view ID number on the drop-down page..

Plugin Settings

Enter your website's Dashboard. Add a new widget and launch Google Analytics widget. Click on the Edit tab of the added Widget and press the Open Settings button. You will receive the following image. Enter the Web View you copied into the input field and test your connection by clicking the test API button.

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