GreenCheap needs are minimal and can be easily run from any modern web server.

System Requirements

Ensure that your server meets the following requirements.

  • Apache 2.2+ or nginx
  • MySQL Server 5.6+ or SQLite 3 also PostgreSQL 13.2+
  • PHP Versiyon 8.0+

PHP Extensions

Additionally, GreenCheap needs the following extensions to enable it: JSON, Session, ctype, Tokenizer, SimpleXML, DOM, mbstring, PCRE 8.0+, ZIP and PDO with MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite drivers.

Although optional, we strongly recommend that you enable the following PHP extensions: cURL, iconv and XML Parser, also APC or XCache for cache.

Browser Requirements

GreenCheap's management panel is compatible with Internet Explorer 10 and later. Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari's it has an automatic update system, that's why we only support the latest versions for these browsers.

Browser support for the front end depends on the theme your site is currently using.

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