Create components to create small pieces of content in different locations of your site.

To determine where to create the content of a widget, the admin panel has a components section to publish the widget at specific locations defined by the theme. Extensions and themes can come with components with no difference in development.

Define Widget locations

You can define any number of widget locations in your theme's index.php.

'positions' => [

    'sidebar' => 'Sidebar',
    'footer' => 'Footer',


Rendering Components

To create anything published in a component location, you can use the view creator instance in your theme's views/template.php file.

<?php if ($view->position()->exists('sidebar')) : ?>
    <?= $view->position('sidebar') ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Save a new component type

To register a new component type, you can use the widgets feature in your index.php file.

'widgets' => [



Define a new component type

widgets/hellowidget.php: Internally, the component in Greencheap is a module. Therefore, a module is defined by its definition: A PHP array with a specific set of properties.



return [

    'name' => 'hello/hellowidget',

    'label' => 'Hello Widget',

    'events' => [

        'view.scripts' => function ($event, $scripts) use ($app) {
            $scripts->register('widget-hellowidget', 'hello:js/widget.js', ['~widgets']);


    'render' => function ($widget) use ($app) {

        // ...

        return $app->view('hello/widget.php');


For this example, create the component on the front end of the following two files, requires a JavaScript file and a PHP file.

Js / widget.js:

module.exports = {
    section: {
        label: 'Settings'

    props: ['widget', 'config', 'form'],

    inject: ['$components'],

    replace: false,

        _.extend(this.$options.components, this.$components);

window.Widgets.components['hello-hellowidget.settings'] = module.exports


<p> Hello component output. </p>

Note A good example for a complete component, Greencheap is located in the app/system/modules/user/widgets/login.php location in the grasshopper.

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