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GreenCheap 3.0.6

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    February 2021

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  • GreenCheap CMS

    A modular and lightweight CMS made with Symfony and Vuejs components

    This version of GreenCheap is under development. It is not a stable version. So do not recommend using it. In this case, we recommend that you use the branch that supports PHP 7.4


    This project was taken from Pagekit. Dependencies of old packages that are no longer developed have been updated and shared with you under the name of GreenCheap. I also thank Uatrend for some addictions. We thank Doruk Karaboncuk for his material and moral support.

  • 3.0.6


    • New composer package added: google/apiclient.
    • Added .php-version file for some packages until updated to php 8.
    • PostgreSQL database support has been added.
    • Comment Service added.
    • jsonabort() for abort() alternative


    • PHP 8 Support.
    • Docker Compose file updated.
    • ReflectionMethod getClass deprecated. Change getClass to getType.
    • ExceptionHandler deprecated for Symfony/ErrorHandler.
    • Replaced App::exception()->setHandler with App::exception()->setExceptionHandler for Symfony ErrorHandler Component.


    • Composer packages updated: composer/composer, doctrine/dbal, maximebf/debugbar, phpunit/phpunit.
    • Vue and UIkit last version updated.
    • System/Scripts.php changed #265 for Symfony 5.1.
    • Fixed the problem of dark mode suddenly disappearing. The data will now be stored in the user's data.


    • Gulp packages deprecated.
    • Eslint and deprecated for new pattern.
    • Symfony/debug deprecated.
    • Mobiledetect/mobiledetectlib deprecated.
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    • php:^8.0.1
    • composer/composer:^1.10.19
    • doctrine/annotations:^1.11.1
    • doctrine/dbal:~2.12.1
    • paragonie/random-lib:^2.0.1
    • maximebf/debugbar:^1.16.3
    • monolog/monolog:^2.0.2
    • nikic/php-parser:~4.2
    • psr/log:~1.1
    • swiftmailer/swiftmailer:~6.2
    • symfony/finder:~5.1.5
    • symfony/http-foundation:~5.2
    • symfony/routing:~5.1.5
    • symfony/stopwatch:~5.1.5
    • symfony/templating:~5.1.5
    • symfony/translation:~5.1.5
    • twig/twig:^2.12
    • php-curl-class/php-curl-class:^8.7
    • ext-json:*
    • symfony/mime:^5.1
    • google/apiclient:~2.8.3
    • symfony/error-handler:^5.2
    • ext-dom:*
    • ext-libxml:*
    • ext-mbstring:*
    • ext-xml:*
    • ext-xmlwriter:*
    • phpunit/phpunit:~8.5.13

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