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GreenCheap 3.1.4

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    March 2021

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  • GreenCheap CMS

    A modular and lightweight CMS made with Symfony and Vuejs components

    GreenCheap works with PHP 8 version. In this case, lower versions of php will fail. If you want to try a lower version of GreenCheap version 2, you can access it here. But you need to know, GreenCheap version 2 is no longer supported.


    This project was taken from Pagekit. Dependencies of old packages that are no longer developed have been updated and shared with you under the name of GreenCheap. I also thank Uatrend for some addictions. We thank Doruk Karaboncuk for his material and moral support.

  • 3.1.4


    • Fixed the incorrect display of pages set in the widget section.


    • Icon added to widget area
    • Multi Finder System
    • Calendar Icon


    • vue-event-manager and vue-resource dependencies updated
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    • php:8.0.*
    • composer/composer:^1.10.19
    • doctrine/annotations:^1.11.1
    • doctrine/dbal:~2.12.1
    • paragonie/random-lib:^2.0.1
    • maximebf/debugbar:^1.16.3
    • monolog/monolog:^2.0.2
    • nikic/php-parser:~4.2
    • psr/log:~1.1
    • swiftmailer/swiftmailer:~6.2
    • symfony/finder:~5.1.5
    • symfony/http-foundation:~5.2
    • symfony/routing:~5.1.5
    • symfony/stopwatch:~5.1.5
    • symfony/templating:~5.1.5
    • symfony/translation:~5.1.5
    • twig/twig:^2.12
    • php-curl-class/php-curl-class:^8.7
    • ext-json:*
    • symfony/mime:^5.1
    • google/apiclient:~2.8.3
    • symfony/error-handler:^5.2
    • ext-dom:*
    • ext-libxml:*
    • ext-mbstring:*
    • ext-xml:*
    • ext-xmlwriter:*
    • phpunit/phpunit:~8.5.13

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